Roxanne Bouché Overton

Roxanne is a lifelong artist across many mediums including textiles, paints, stained glass and pottery. About 10 years ago she decided to embrace photography on a more exclusive basis – taking time to explore all of the potential her imagination could conjure.

She started, like most photographers, with a simple camera shooting family and postcard-pretty pictures. The cameras became more sophisticated and as she traveled the world, her subjects expanded. Her camera became a bridge to diverse cultures and environments; an entry into intimate relationships with other people and other lands. She ceased to become just an observer and became an equal partner in the experience.

Perception is everything.  We often don't see what is familiar but by taking a different approach we look closer and often find new meaning. I don't take photographs to document but instead to capture and hold the essence of the scene.

Roxanne says, ‘Photographers look with their eyes, but see with their hearts. We capture moments others would miss. We have cameras that document or can be used as paint brushes on canvas. When we share these moments, we allow others to experience the vision and insight that is uniquely ours.”

A wide array of current work can be found on Instagram.

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